Online Course with Rachel's English

Online Course with Tom Kelley
May 5 - June 22, 2014

Join us for an online course, which includes six 45-minute private lessons, premium videos and audio, and more!

Announcing a new Seven-Week Pronunciation Course taught by Tom Kelley (read Tom's bio). Get private weekly time with Tom working on your pronunciation challenges, including placement, rhythm, reduction and linking, vowels and diphthongs, and consonants.

Details below. This class is limited to 20 students, sign up today!


This Course Includes:

  • Six weekly 45-minute private lessons on Skype.  All lessons will be video recorded for each student to further aid in improvement.  
  • Recording projects and feedback
  • Access to a virtual classroom where students can learn all about the character and sound of American English by using premium videos, audio drills, and games/quizzes -- this material is not available anywhere else!
  • A weekly Real-Life Situation to focus on and use to practice your English - like English at work, or English used at the doctor's office. This includes examples of common English used in these situations, as well as an opportunity for the student to explore and discover the English they would use in these situations.
  • The work students do in their lessons will specifically address their own personal pronunciation challenges.
  • Weekly exercises based on the week’s Real-Life Situation
  • A weekly summary video from Tom about important concepts that came up during that week’s private lessons that might help all students
  • Discussion rooms where students can ask questions and engage other classmates from around the world
  • The class happens on your own time, there are no group events that you need to attend. The private lessons with Tom are scheduled based on your availability, and do not have to be at the same time each week. You will book your lessons on Tom’s calendar based your own convenience.

Class Schedule:

Week 1: May 5-12
Week 2: May 12-18
Week 3: May 19-25
Week 4: May 26-June 1 (catch up week for students - no private lessons - during this week you are still encouraged to ask questions you have in the class discussion rooms)
Week 5: June 2-8
Week 6: June 9-15
Week 7: June 16-22

Note:   All six lessons must be taken during the course, from May 5 - May 25 and June 2 - June 22.  Any lessons not taken during the course will be forfeited.

Cost: $720

If you have questions, please contact Tom at

If you don’t have time to commit to a seven-week course at the moment, check out the other opportunities for private lessons or video evaluations on the Private Lessons page.