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How old were you when you started to learn English?

This is a story about a man who enrolled in a school for English as a Second Language when he was 80!

Lovely Love Idioms!

Learn love idioms! Have you ever heard some of these before?

Pronunciation and Vocabulary

I had the pleasure of writing this piece on learning pronunciation as you learn vocabulary for the website vocabla.com.

Weather Idioms

Check out this fun post on Weather idioms! (It's raining cats and dogs!)

Interview with English Experts

I was interviewed, in English, by a popular Brazilian podcast, English Experts, run by Alessandro Brandão.

Words with Many Meanings

There are many common words in American English with many----MANY---- meanings!

How to Learn English?

This illustration given to me by Kaplan International Colleges (see their original post) compiles the feedback they got from hundreds of people.  How to you best like to learn English? 

FOOD Idioms!

Are you a couch potato? Learn some fun food idioms here! None of them are actually describing food. :)

Animal Idioms

Lots of idioms in American English reference animals.

How to Teach English

Teachers -- How do you get creative in the classroom?